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Grand Theft Auto V is still one of the most popular video games of all time, and a GTA 5 PC game download is still in high demand. Grand Theft Auto V has sold 85 million units, an increase of 5 million since the last figures were revealed in May. That kind of jump would be impressive for any game, but it’s even more amazing when you consider GTA V was first released on the previous generation of consoles back in 2013.

Michael And Trevor Are The Only GTA Protagonists Who Can Die During Their Game

One of the added benefits of having multiple playable characters is that Grand Theft Auto V could now safely get away with challenging the franchise in new ways. Character death is not a foreign concept for GTA and Rockstar has killed off playable characters in the past, but never has a main playable character died in the Grand Theft Auto game they starred in: until V.

Depending on how the last mission plays out, either Michael or Trevor can actually die and be locked out of the postgame. More importantly, the other two playable characters will acknowledge the death and even potentially have their relationships damaged as a result.

There is, of course, a way to have all three characters survive the ending, but allowing two of three playable characters to die is a bold move that not only enhances the Grand Theft Auto experience but also sets a great precedent that’ll surely make future installments all the more tense.


Trevor Can Goad Pedestrians Into Attacking Him

Pressing right on the control pad while playing as either Michael or Franklin will result in the two kindly greeting any pedestrians who happen to be passing by, but pressing right on the control pad as Trevor will yield slightly more aggressive results where he’ll taunt pedestrians in place of a friendly hello.

It’s quite novel, really. Most of the time, the only way to get stars is to attack passing strangers or steal a car but being able to get the police on your tail simply by flipping someone off and openly insulting them in public adds another element of reality to Grand Theft Auto’s ever growing universe.

What makes it all the better is that Trevor has unique taunts for just about every type of pedestrian. From gang members, to drug addicts, to police officers, and homeless people, no one is safe from the fury that is Trevor Philips.


Trevor Is The Only GTA Protagonist To Kill The Main Character Of Another Game

Previous Grand Theft Auto protagonists have interacted before, with the most famous example being CJ and Claude’s interaction in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but never before has one playable character killed another main character. Enter Trevor Phillips.

Trevor’s introductory mission in GTA V starts out with him having sex with one Ashley Butler, a rather important character in the GTA IV DLC: The Lost and Damned, before being confronted by her boyfriend, Johnny Klebitz.

Fans of the series will recognize Johnny as the main character of the DLC, but more important as a complete antithesis to Trevor. Before V, Johnny was perhaps the most brutal main character in the series’ canon, constantly betraying the cast of his game and being the most prone to rampage. To watch Trevor, a man obsessed with loyalty, brutalize, humiliate, and murder a former main character not only cements who Trevor is as a man, but scores just how dangerous and violent he can be.


Trevor Can Remove One Of His Default Tattoos

After its noticeable absence in Grand Theft Auto IV and its two DLCs, tattoos are finally back since its debut in San Andreas and brief return in Chinatown Wars. Unlike San Andreas, however, tattoos are purely cosmetic and offer no stat benefits but they’re still appreciated as they bring back a layer of cosmetic customization.

Trevor in particular starts the game heavily tattooed and will remain so given that the majority of his tattoos are permanent, unlike Michael and Franklin who can add and remove their’s at will, but Trevor does have one specific tattoo he can get rid of: “R.I.P. Michael.”

The relationship between Michael and Trevor drives most of the conflict in the story as Trevor feels deeply betrayed that Michael failed to notify him that he had been merely faking his death for years. Given that Trevor is no longer mourning Michael, he’s available to remove the tattoo at any point in the story. It’s a small, completely missable detail but it’s a nice one that shows off an aspect of Trevor’s character in a subtle way.